School Admissions

Get a place for your child at a primary or secondary school Рapplications, deadlines, admission criteria, appeals and complaints.

Referral Route Referrals to the Haringey Tuition Service are made by the medical professionals, including Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services and SEND Panel.

Schools are also able to make referrals for children who do not meet the threshold for medical support but who might benefit from specialist intervention. In these circumstances schools are expected to fund the interim placements.

School Admissions

Department for Education

Haringey Local Authority

Home Tuition Service

This service is for children who are unable to attend school for medical (as well as mental health) reasons.

  • This service is for children aged 5-16 who live in Haringey
  • They do not have to go to school in Haringey
  • Home Tuition must be advised by a Consultant level doctor (not a GP)
  • This service works in partnership with children, parents, health services and schools
  • Home tuition is part of our core service and so is not paid for
  • We also support student reintegration back into school at the end of the period of tuition

Note: This service is not for children who are Electively Home Educated by the decision of their family.