At HTS we seek to provide a supportive environment for each student to fulfil their potential(refer to Values and Aims of HTS). In order to accommodate this, we encourage each student to ensure the following expectations are met:

  • Punctuality – All students are expected to arrive on time at 9.00am, unless they have been
    given an individual start time.
  • Dress code –There is no uniform, however we expect students to dress appropriately and
    give regular reminders about what is acceptable.
  • Accept differences – Each student is expected to accept differences in other students,
    helping to foster a caring and supportive environment for everyone.
  • Rules compliance – The rules for the school are set out clearly, and each student is
    expected to follow them. Every student is given individual targets.
  • To complete work to the best of their ability – Part of our learning environment at HTS is to
    encourage academic attainment as well as well-being, students must be willing to engage
    with their work to their highest standard.
  • Communicate difficulties to staff – All staff at HTS are here to help, whether academic or
    personal, all students are encouraged to seek help from staff whenever they can.
  • Attend all medical and well-being appointments.
  • To respect school and personal property of other students.
  • To uphold the values of the Haringey Tuition Service at all times.