Tracking Pupil Progress

Tracking Pupil Progress


1. We recognise that students may come to our service and move on again in a short period of time.

2. In order to help students, achieve, we will need to understand the barriers to their learning. These might include a host of interrelated needs including;

  • Attendance
  • Learning difficulties (identified or not yet recognised)
  • Behavioural difficulties
  • Emotional/social difficulties
  • Medical needs
  • Disengaged attitude to learning following on from previous experience of schooling.

3. In order to maximise attainment, we will need to:

  • Be sensitive to how we approach assessment.
  • Collect as much data and carry out our own baseline assessments.
  • Use the assessment information to set appropriately challenging targets.
  • Teach programmes that match student needs.
  • Give appropriate feedback to students so that they know how to improve,
  • Inform and where possible involve parents/carers in their children’s progress
  • Review progress informally and formally on a regular basis.
  • Constantly seek to challenge low expectations in the students, parents and ourselves.

4. Processes

  1. On receiving a referral, the Head or allocated staff will contact parents and where appropriate other professionals to set up a planning meeting.
  2. As the initial meeting the Head will try to gain an understanding of any barriers to learning. Staff will be made aware of the students’ needs at the weekly allocations meeting.
  3. The learning profile will contain the most up to date data available about prior attainment and a summary of learning needs. The Education Support Plans, collate information about the wider needs of the student and the plans for the reintegration/longer terms needs for Outreach.
  4. The initial assessment period may lead to a decision to undertake or request further assessments.
  5. During the initial assessment period, subject teachers will set a target level/grade based on the baseline information. This information will be passed to on to the administrator so that an individual’s progress can be tracked alongside the other students. For core subjects this can be recorded on KSM.
  6. Pupil progress will be assessed half termly. We will aim to review progress with parent/carer/pupil at least half termly.